What College Students Really Want for Christmas


Photo Credit: Lee Dyer with edits by me


Tis the season! So, for all you friends and family out there, you are all probably wondering what to buy your college student for Christmas. The following is a guide of what a college student really wants to see under the tree this year.

  1. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts Giftcards

    We college students are always up late whether we are studying or hanging out with friends. Basically, we would love gift cards so we can drink coffee to stay awake. Also, Starbucks is a big social hang out on most college campuses so the more gift cards the more often we can go and hang out with friends!

  2. Work out clothes

    It’s super important to stay in shape to prevent that freshman 15. Us gals will be more motivated to work out if we have cute work out clothes to exercise in! So take note. We want cute work out clothes so we look good when working out at the gym next to a hot guy.

  3. uber giftcard

    Not all college kids have their cars on campus so Uber is always the “go to” when you want to go to off campus houses or the mall or restaurants. Your college student will be extremely grateful if you get them an Uber gift card.

  4. Slippers and socks

    During the cold winter, especially in college, comfort is key. Slippers are great because you can easily slide them on when you need to hike over to the library for some late night studying. Fuzzy socks are my favorite kind of socks they’re warm and cozy, great for lounging around and for staying warm.

    These are super cute form Amazon!! *cough, cough* Mom these are cute I like them…


  5. phone chargers and portable chargers

    Phone Chargers. We lose ’em all the time and they constantly break. Buy us two or three and we’ll be happy. Portable chargers are also great too if there aren’t any outlets around and we are in need of a charge,

  6. birchbox subscription

    If you haven’t heard, Birchbox is a company that you subscribe to and each month they send you a package in the mail filled with beauty products. College students love to get packages so this will help make the month a little more exciting knowing that they will get a box of make up in the mail! Also, the company has a mens collection because guys need skincare and haircare products too!

  7. Gear from the College Bookstore

    All students need sweatshirts and t shirts to rep their school! Treat them to a nice shirt or sweatpants (or both) from the bookstore!

  8. Nextflix or spotify subscription

    Your college kid will love you forever. Netflix is great for a movie night with friends or when you need a study break. Spotify is perfect for jammin’ out when you’re on the treadmill or need some nice background noise to study.

  9. speaker and earbuds

    Earbuds are a necessity when living in a college dorm. Buy your kid some earbuds to help drown out all the noise. However, there will also come times when  your kid wants to blast some music with friends! So a speaker is the perfect gift!

  10. pay their tuition

    Just kidding just kidding!!! However, a gift card to help pay for books is always nice!


Thanks for reading I hope this was helpful!!! As always, be sure to share this with your friends and family!