Hello and Welcome to Tidy Up, my College Organization Blog! I’m Gabby, a college freshman majoring in communications and am also a member of my school’s Divison One Rowing team. I love organization, have a Pinterest addiction, and absolutely love dogs!

After a month of being in college, I learned quickly how important it is to stay organized. After the first week, I had clothes messily thrown into drawers, missing pairs of shoes and a stack of syllabi on my desk. I had no idea where to begin. With some planning, I was able to move things around and figure out the best way to make my dorm room functional and I created a system to make sure all of my school books and papers had a home. I created this blog in hopes of helping other overwhelmed college students learn how to best keep their dorm and school life organized.

Being that I am new to using WordPress, it will take a bit to get the blog up and running, but not to worry I will have my first official post up by next week! Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave comments!