November: New Month, Fresh Start


Photo Credits: Brin Leon of Ottawa with edits by me

October was a hectic month with midterms, the start of Cold and Flu season, Halloweekend and, if you’re an athlete like me you’ve been working your ass off to get ready for races. November has begun and now is the perfect opportunity to regroup and reorganize.

 Do Your Laundry! Seriously it’s gross do it already.

My laundry has been piling up with sweaty socks, and Halloween costumes that have that “party smell”. (We all know what that party smell is). It’s time to stop pulling your clothes out of the hamper and spraying them with perfume to disguise the “I’ve worn this twice this week already smell”. Be a big girl and wash your clothes. You’ll feel much better when you wake up in the morning and see an empty hamper and draws full of folded clean clothes.


disinfect your germy room

Both me and my roommate have been sick over the past month. Our room would light up under a microscope if it were on a petri dish. Make sure you…

  • wipe down surfaces you touch a lot
  • sweep the floor and bust out your mini vacuum (I know your Halloween candy left crumbs on the floor)
  • crack a window to let some fresh air in
  • dust because dorm rooms are practically one large dust bunny
  • clean your fridge and microwave

clean out your desk

Clean out all the random papers you have laying around in your desk. Throw away old papers you no longer need and organize what you do need into folders or binders. Throw out trash that is piling up and wipe down your desk with a Clorox wipe. In college, your desk is not only where you do work but it is also your dinning table. Wipe it down.

Go through your fridge and food storage

As I mentioned in last week’s post, my roommate and I have a ton of food. So we recently went through our fridge and threw out anything that  was old or wasn’t being eaten. You’d be surprised how much food can pile up and will be happy when you clean it out to make room for new food! You don’t want your fridge smelling like spoiled milk so throw out the leftovers from three weeks ago and disinfect the fridge.

clean out your closet

As much as we try, it gets difficult to keep all your clothes neatly folded in your drawers. Take this time to refold everything in your drawer so it is nice and tidy. Plus, it’s a great feeling to open your drawer and see all your clothes nicely folded. If you want to learn the best way to fold your t-shirts in a drawer without taking up space, check out this post.

change your sheets and make your bed

It’s good to change your sheets every other week, especially when your bed also acts as your couch. So change your sheets and make the bed! It’ll look so nice when you walk into the room to a freshly made bed.


Photo credits to Whisper  This is DEFINITELY what your dorm looks like












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