Makeup Organization


Original photo credit to Wikimedia Commons, with edits by me.

For women, getting settled in a dorm room takes much longer than it does for a guy to move in. From hair products to makeup to jewelry, we have a lot of stuff to store. On move in day, I lugged in my excessive amount of makeup brushes, palettes, eyeliners, and mascaras. Luckily, I mapped out my game plan ahead of time and knew exactly where I planned to put everything.

I headed to the Container Store and bought these great trays that were super cute, durable and only $3 a piece. I put the trays in my top desk drawer so I can sit at my desk while doing my makeup and easily reach next to me to pull out whatever product I need. Next to the trays I keep cotton rounds and eye makeup remover to conveniently remove my makeup at my desk. Above the remover, my eyeshadow and contour palettes fit nicely. (If you have several large palettes that won’t fit in a desk drawer, don’t worry I’ll talk about how to store larger make up products later in the article!)  I feel that keeping all cosmetic items together will keep you much more organized and will be easier to find what you are looking for. For this reason, I added my tweezers, nail clippers and a nail filer to the very back of the drawer so I always know where they are and they don’t get in the way of anything.


I use the long skinny tray to store all of my makeup of brushes. They fit nicely and the length of the container is perfect for all different size brushes.I also added a blush into the container just because it fit well.


The smaller square shaped tray is great for holding eye liners, eye pencil sharpeners, mascaras, eyebrow powder, and individual eyeshadows. I prefer this tray for smaller products such as eyeliners because it keeps them from rolling around and getting lost in the back of the drawer.


 I wandered over to my friend Chasity’s room to see how she organizes her makeup. Chasity absolutely loves makeup and has every single palette you can imagine so I couldn’t wait to see where she stores everything.

Over her bed, Chasity has a “Dorm Space Saver” that she got at Bed Bath & Beyond. On the top shelf of the space saver, she stores all of her make up products!


Now, onto the larger makeup storage I was talking about! For larger makeup products, Chasity uses this organizer which she found at HomeGoods. It works great for holding, perfumes, blush, foundation, and large palettes. It has three different sections which helps to keep things from sliding around the container and it also has an adorable quote on the front. This container could also be placed on your desk, on a closet shelf (if your’e lucky enough to have a closet in college) or even on top of a dresser.


Last but not least, Chasity keeps all of her makeup brushes in this container that she got at the Dollar Store for just $1!


Thanks for reading I hope you learned some valuable tips!