Five Organizational Tricks for your Backpack


Original photo credit to Miguel Á. Padriñán with edits by me

How many times have you thrown a hair tie into your bag and next time you reach for it it somehow disappeared? How many times have you reached for earphones and they are a jumbled mess that are as difficult to untangle as solving a Rubik’s cube? Worry no more. The following is a guide to making sure every emergency product you need has a place in your bag.

Hair Ties 

We’ve all lost numerous amount of hair ties and have ended up buying a new pack to resupply. Well rather than throwing them in your bag, buy a binder ring and easily slide all of your hair ties onto the ring so they are all kept neatly together in one place. You can buy them at Staples in all different sizes and can even buy  colored rings! You can also use carabiners. They work just as well and also come in a variety of colors.


Feminine Products

It’s no fun digging in your bag when you are in deep need of a tampon. Rather than just throwing them in your purse or backpack or buying a cosmetic bag, save the bags that stores give you when you buy a piece of jewelry and reuse those to contain all of your pads and tampons.



Tangled earphones are a pain. An easy way to avoid this is to take a trip to the Container Store and pick up an Earbud Cord Wrap. These are life savers and can sometimes also be found at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Or if you want to get crafty and DIY your own earphone container, you can check out this tutorial on Buzzfeed.


Miscellaneous Bag

I always keep a cosmetic bag dedicated to miscellaneous items that are good to have handy such as…

  • band aids
  • Advil
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • binder ring of hair ties
  • chapstick
  • gum

These are all small items that easily get lost in the depths of my backpack so a cosmetic bag is great for containing them.


Pencil Cases

I could never find a cute pencil case that I liked. They are all either too skinny and shallow or too big and bulky. So instead I use a cosmetic bag from Victoria’s Secret to hold my pens and pencils and it’s vinyl which makes it easy to clean off any dirt or pen marks.



Thank you for reading this week’s post! Hopefully these easy tips will help you to better contain items in your backpack or purse. Feel free to share this article with friends and comment 🙂