Shipping Container Design Project

I really enjoyed this week’s design activity. It has definitely been my favorite so far just because there is so much creative freedom and it’s hands on. Even though we were stuck with the dimensions of the shipping container,  AutoDesk Homestyler has so many capabilities to help you create the perfect design.

I have always loved watching HGTV since I was young so I felt like I was on an episode of Fixer Upper or Property Brothers when I was designing the classroom. I truly felt like a designer using the program.

When I think of communications I think of bright colors so I decided to go with my favorite color, blue, for the wall color and chose lots of windows for bright lighting. I didn’t get too far in class but here are some photos of what I got….

For my classroom I just used one shipping container with the dimensions given to us in class


I liked this door because it makes the room feel open, but I think it would need a shade – There are two doors on either side of the main wall


I thought these windows looked super cool. Again, they make the room feel open and the way it swings open is a neat concept. However, I should have gone for a lighter color to make the room feel less dark.



These chairs have a sleek modern look that I really liked. Again, more bright color by using white


Here is the view from the first door

Visual Essay

For my visual essay, I decided to go along with a style more like the Millman reading where the graphics tell the story. I wasn’t trying to inform an audience like the Chimero reading. Instead I wanted to talk about a memory just like Millman. I wrote about rowing Division One my freshman year of college, an experience of a lifetime. I am so happy that I did it.

I put together a small timeline that covered bits and pieces of my spring racing season. I didn’t put in every single race because there were so many, but I covered the highlights.

Week 6 – Business Card and Writing Workshop #3

I attempted to create a business card this week in class, but was unsuccessful. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted. I wanted the same font and color of my name that I have on my resume so I took a screenshot of it.

My name as it appears on my resume

I then followed the video tutorial that was given to us in class, but couldn’t even get past the first step. I downloaded a business card layout from the website suggested in the video and then tried to import it into PhotoShop, but the program would not let me import. I tried clicking and dragging it into PhotoShop, but that didn’t work either.

I decided that rather than continue with PhotoShop I would use the Method Draw website and see if I could make some progress there. I was able to import my screenshot of my name, but couldn’t figure out where to go from there.

Working in Method Draw


So basically, I didn’t get anything done. However, I am happy with how my short Writing Workshop #3 turned out. I wrote about my experience at the Eagles Super Bowl Parade. Here is what I wrote along with some photos to create a better picture of what the day was like…..

A sea of green floods Broad Street. Confetti dances in the air. Millions of people anxiously await the arrival of the Eagles football team. The crowd cheers from behind the barricaded street, E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! Some of the ‘rowdier’ fans attempt to climb flag poles, street signs and statues. The whole city is dressed in team gear from head to toe: hats, face paint, sweat shirts, and jerseys. Phone cameras flash every second to capture a memory of the crazy day. The air is bitter cold. Children sitting on their parent’s shoulders with a bird’s eye view wipe their red, runny noses, but their eyes are in awe of the confetti and sky writers spelling out “Philly Philly Dilly Dilly” in the sky.


Broad Street


Philly Philly


A man climbing a statue