Shipping Container Design Project

I really enjoyed this week’s design activity. It has definitely been my favorite so far just because there is so much creative freedom and it’s hands on. Even though we were stuck with the dimensions of the shipping container,  AutoDesk Homestyler has so many capabilities to help you create the perfect design.

I have always loved watching HGTV since I was young so I felt like I was on an episode of Fixer Upper or Property Brothers when I was designing the classroom. I truly felt like a designer using the program.

When I think of communications I think of bright colors so I decided to go with my favorite color, blue, for the wall color and chose lots of windows for bright lighting. I didn’t get too far in class but here are some photos of what I got….

For my classroom I just used one shipping container with the dimensions given to us in class


I liked this door because it makes the room feel open, but I think it would need a shade – There are two doors on either side of the main wall


I thought these windows looked super cool. Again, they make the room feel open and the way it swings open is a neat concept. However, I should have gone for a lighter color to make the room feel less dark.



These chairs have a sleek modern look that I really liked. Again, more bright color by using white


Here is the view from the first door

Visual Essay

For my visual essay, I decided to go along with a style more like the Millman reading where the graphics tell the story. I wasn’t trying to inform an audience like the Chimero reading. Instead I wanted to talk about a memory just like Millman. I wrote about rowing Division One my freshman year of college, an experience of a lifetime. I am so happy that I did it.

I put together a small timeline that covered bits and pieces of my spring racing season. I didn’t put in every single race because there were so many, but I covered the highlights.

Week 6 – Business Card and Writing Workshop #3

I attempted to create a business card this week in class, but was unsuccessful. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted. I wanted the same font and color of my name that I have on my resume so I took a screenshot of it.

My name as it appears on my resume

I then followed the video tutorial that was given to us in class, but couldn’t even get past the first step. I downloaded a business card layout from the website suggested in the video and then tried to import it into PhotoShop, but the program would not let me import. I tried clicking and dragging it into PhotoShop, but that didn’t work either.

I decided that rather than continue with PhotoShop I would use the Method Draw website and see if I could make some progress there. I was able to import my screenshot of my name, but couldn’t figure out where to go from there.

Working in Method Draw


So basically, I didn’t get anything done. However, I am happy with how my short Writing Workshop #3 turned out. I wrote about my experience at the Eagles Super Bowl Parade. Here is what I wrote along with some photos to create a better picture of what the day was like…..

A sea of green floods Broad Street. Confetti dances in the air. Millions of people anxiously await the arrival of the Eagles football team. The crowd cheers from behind the barricaded street, E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! Some of the ‘rowdier’ fans attempt to climb flag poles, street signs and statues. The whole city is dressed in team gear from head to toe: hats, face paint, sweat shirts, and jerseys. Phone cameras flash every second to capture a memory of the crazy day. The air is bitter cold. Children sitting on their parent’s shoulders with a bird’s eye view wipe their red, runny noses, but their eyes are in awe of the confetti and sky writers spelling out “Philly Philly Dilly Dilly” in the sky.


Broad Street


Philly Philly


A man climbing a statue


What College Students Really Want for Christmas


Photo Credit: Lee Dyer with edits by me


Tis the season! So, for all you friends and family out there, you are all probably wondering what to buy your college student for Christmas. The following is a guide of what a college student really wants to see under the tree this year.

  1. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts Giftcards

    We college students are always up late whether we are studying or hanging out with friends. Basically, we would love gift cards so we can drink coffee to stay awake. Also, Starbucks is a big social hang out on most college campuses so the more gift cards the more often we can go and hang out with friends!

  2. Work out clothes

    It’s super important to stay in shape to prevent that freshman 15. Us gals will be more motivated to work out if we have cute work out clothes to exercise in! So take note. We want cute work out clothes so we look good when working out at the gym next to a hot guy.

  3. uber giftcard

    Not all college kids have their cars on campus so Uber is always the “go to” when you want to go to off campus houses or the mall or restaurants. Your college student will be extremely grateful if you get them an Uber gift card.

  4. Slippers and socks

    During the cold winter, especially in college, comfort is key. Slippers are great because you can easily slide them on when you need to hike over to the library for some late night studying. Fuzzy socks are my favorite kind of socks they’re warm and cozy, great for lounging around and for staying warm.

    These are super cute form Amazon!! *cough, cough* Mom these are cute I like them…


  5. phone chargers and portable chargers

    Phone Chargers. We lose ’em all the time and they constantly break. Buy us two or three and we’ll be happy. Portable chargers are also great too if there aren’t any outlets around and we are in need of a charge,

  6. birchbox subscription

    If you haven’t heard, Birchbox is a company that you subscribe to and each month they send you a package in the mail filled with beauty products. College students love to get packages so this will help make the month a little more exciting knowing that they will get a box of make up in the mail! Also, the company has a mens collection because guys need skincare and haircare products too!

  7. Gear from the College Bookstore

    All students need sweatshirts and t shirts to rep their school! Treat them to a nice shirt or sweatpants (or both) from the bookstore!

  8. Nextflix or spotify subscription

    Your college kid will love you forever. Netflix is great for a movie night with friends or when you need a study break. Spotify is perfect for jammin’ out when you’re on the treadmill or need some nice background noise to study.

  9. speaker and earbuds

    Earbuds are a necessity when living in a college dorm. Buy your kid some earbuds to help drown out all the noise. However, there will also come times when  your kid wants to blast some music with friends! So a speaker is the perfect gift!

  10. pay their tuition

    Just kidding just kidding!!! However, a gift card to help pay for books is always nice!


Thanks for reading I hope this was helpful!!! As always, be sure to share this with your friends and family!




How I Take Notes


Note taking is a very important skill to be good at and of course it helps to have your notes nicely organized. Everyone takes their notes differently and you really have to find what methods work best for you. Personally, I prefer to handwrite my notes rather than type them. Here’s what I do!

my method

Each class I take has it’s own notebook dedicated to that class. I NEVER have a notebook that shares notes from various classes even if there are dividers in the notebook. The problem with divided notebooks is that if you run out of room in one section, you can’t continue the notes into the other section because that section is already full with notes from another class.

We all have that one professor that talks a mile minute and by the time class is over your hand is cramping from writing so quickly. For classes like these, all I take notes with is a piece of paper and a pen. That’s it. No highlighters or colored pens. Just paper and pen. My objective is to get down as much information as I can and not worry about how neat my notes are. After class, I then rewrite the notes and completely reorganize the material using however many colored pens I want. Not only does this method allow you to reorganize your notes, but it also acts as a review session.

pens or pencils?

I  use both colored pens and pencils when I take notes. I am a very visual learner so using bright colors helps me memorize information. I start off class by writing down the chapter or lesson that will be discussed that day in color at the top of the paper. Then, I take notes in pencil as the professor lectures. The pens that I use are the PaperMate InkJoy Ballpoint Pens and PaperMate Flair Pens. The flair pens are more of a marker so I tend to use those to write my headings and use the ballpoint pens to underline key concepts.


Photo Credit: Staples


Photo Credit: Jet Pens

Photo Credit: Jet Pens

key concepts or definitions

I either highlight, underline or write key terms and definitions in colored pen to make them stand out. That way, when you go back to review your notes, the key take aways from the lesson that day are easy to find. (Please ignore my crappy handwriting.)



I use arrows a lot when I take notes. For example, in math I use arrows to show the conclusion to a problem or I draw a colored arrow to show the explanation to a certain problem. Math tends to have a lot of its own types of symbols so just be careful that the symbols you use don’t interfere with the material.



making mistakes

Because I write my notes in pen, I can’t erase mistakes. That is why the Bic Mini White Out is my best friend. It’s small enough to fit into my pencil case and it rolls on like tape rather than that annoying liquid that takes forever to dry.

That’s all for today! As always I hope you enjoyed and please feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook!



My Three Favorite Instagram Accounts

If you’re anything like me, you get instant satisfaction from looking at color coded images or perfectly aligned objects. (yeah, I know I’m weird) The following are some of my favorite Instagram accounts that fulfill my inner neat freak.


“Hi my name is Gabby and I have an addiction to pens.” Dead serious. I love pens. Gel, ball point, Pilot pens, Staedtler pens, you name it I own it. There are other weirdos out there who share this obsession like, Alysha, a twenty three year old Australian blogger. Her account focuses on stationary, note taking and planning. If you wanna see cute planners and notebooks filled with colorful notes in neat hand writing, check her out!



Come on! Doesn’t this just put you in your happy place?!


These notes are incredible. She better have a 4.0 GPA with notes like these!

These notes are incredible. She better have a 4.0 GPA with notes like these!


the home edit

This one is for all you home organizers out there. Are you constantly relabeling and reorganizing your home? Then visit The Home Edit on Instagram. It’s pretty much a bunch of pictures of different rooms in a house and it all looks super crisp, clean and color coded. The fabulous owners of the account, Clea and Joanna  even won the 2016 Nashville Lifestyles Home Award! Yeah, they’re legit they know what they’re doing.




Wooooo girl power!!


The title says it all. Jen Jones is young mom who loves to blog about her organizational skills that help to keep her family and home organized. Her account includes cute DIY projects, travel photos, adorable pictures of her family, and her beautifully organized home. She was even featured in Redbook magazine back in August to talk about her amazing  tips on her blog. Jen is  mom goals.


Yeah girl you go girl

Yeah girl you go girl

So smart! Turn an old paper towel roll into a bracelet organizer!

So smart! Turn an old paper towel roll into a bracelet organizer!


These are all amazing accounts that any OCD neat freak (like myself) would love. These women are all very dedicated and passionate about what they do so definitely take a few minutes to scroll through their Instagrams and read over their blogs!

November: New Month, Fresh Start


Photo Credits: Brin Leon of Ottawa with edits by me

October was a hectic month with midterms, the start of Cold and Flu season, Halloweekend and, if you’re an athlete like me you’ve been working your ass off to get ready for races. November has begun and now is the perfect opportunity to regroup and reorganize.

 Do Your Laundry! Seriously it’s gross do it already.

My laundry has been piling up with sweaty socks, and Halloween costumes that have that “party smell”. (We all know what that party smell is). It’s time to stop pulling your clothes out of the hamper and spraying them with perfume to disguise the “I’ve worn this twice this week already smell”. Be a big girl and wash your clothes. You’ll feel much better when you wake up in the morning and see an empty hamper and draws full of folded clean clothes.


disinfect your germy room

Both me and my roommate have been sick over the past month. Our room would light up under a microscope if it were on a petri dish. Make sure you…

  • wipe down surfaces you touch a lot
  • sweep the floor and bust out your mini vacuum (I know your Halloween candy left crumbs on the floor)
  • crack a window to let some fresh air in
  • dust because dorm rooms are practically one large dust bunny
  • clean your fridge and microwave

clean out your desk

Clean out all the random papers you have laying around in your desk. Throw away old papers you no longer need and organize what you do need into folders or binders. Throw out trash that is piling up and wipe down your desk with a Clorox wipe. In college, your desk is not only where you do work but it is also your dinning table. Wipe it down.

Go through your fridge and food storage

As I mentioned in last week’s post, my roommate and I have a ton of food. So we recently went through our fridge and threw out anything that  was old or wasn’t being eaten. You’d be surprised how much food can pile up and will be happy when you clean it out to make room for new food! You don’t want your fridge smelling like spoiled milk so throw out the leftovers from three weeks ago and disinfect the fridge.

clean out your closet

As much as we try, it gets difficult to keep all your clothes neatly folded in your drawers. Take this time to refold everything in your drawer so it is nice and tidy. Plus, it’s a great feeling to open your drawer and see all your clothes nicely folded. If you want to learn the best way to fold your t-shirts in a drawer without taking up space, check out this post.

change your sheets and make your bed

It’s good to change your sheets every other week, especially when your bed also acts as your couch. So change your sheets and make the bed! It’ll look so nice when you walk into the room to a freshly made bed.


Photo credits to Whisper  This is DEFINITELY what your dorm looks like












Thanks for reading! Share with your friends, family, your dog, everyone!!!


Five Organizational Tricks for your Backpack


Original photo credit to Miguel Á. Padriñán with edits by me

How many times have you thrown a hair tie into your bag and next time you reach for it it somehow disappeared? How many times have you reached for earphones and they are a jumbled mess that are as difficult to untangle as solving a Rubik’s cube? Worry no more. The following is a guide to making sure every emergency product you need has a place in your bag.

Hair Ties 

We’ve all lost numerous amount of hair ties and have ended up buying a new pack to resupply. Well rather than throwing them in your bag, buy a binder ring and easily slide all of your hair ties onto the ring so they are all kept neatly together in one place. You can buy them at Staples in all different sizes and can even buy  colored rings! You can also use carabiners. They work just as well and also come in a variety of colors.


Feminine Products

It’s no fun digging in your bag when you are in deep need of a tampon. Rather than just throwing them in your purse or backpack or buying a cosmetic bag, save the bags that stores give you when you buy a piece of jewelry and reuse those to contain all of your pads and tampons.



Tangled earphones are a pain. An easy way to avoid this is to take a trip to the Container Store and pick up an Earbud Cord Wrap. These are life savers and can sometimes also be found at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Or if you want to get crafty and DIY your own earphone container, you can check out this tutorial on Buzzfeed.


Miscellaneous Bag

I always keep a cosmetic bag dedicated to miscellaneous items that are good to have handy such as…

  • band aids
  • Advil
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • binder ring of hair ties
  • chapstick
  • gum

These are all small items that easily get lost in the depths of my backpack so a cosmetic bag is great for containing them.


Pencil Cases

I could never find a cute pencil case that I liked. They are all either too skinny and shallow or too big and bulky. So instead I use a cosmetic bag from Victoria’s Secret to hold my pens and pencils and it’s vinyl which makes it easy to clean off any dirt or pen marks.



Thank you for reading this week’s post! Hopefully these easy tips will help you to better contain items in your backpack or purse. Feel free to share this article with friends and comment 🙂

Makeup Organization


Original photo credit to Wikimedia Commons, with edits by me.

For women, getting settled in a dorm room takes much longer than it does for a guy to move in. From hair products to makeup to jewelry, we have a lot of stuff to store. On move in day, I lugged in my excessive amount of makeup brushes, palettes, eyeliners, and mascaras. Luckily, I mapped out my game plan ahead of time and knew exactly where I planned to put everything.

I headed to the Container Store and bought these great trays that were super cute, durable and only $3 a piece. I put the trays in my top desk drawer so I can sit at my desk while doing my makeup and easily reach next to me to pull out whatever product I need. Next to the trays I keep cotton rounds and eye makeup remover to conveniently remove my makeup at my desk. Above the remover, my eyeshadow and contour palettes fit nicely. (If you have several large palettes that won’t fit in a desk drawer, don’t worry I’ll talk about how to store larger make up products later in the article!)  I feel that keeping all cosmetic items together will keep you much more organized and will be easier to find what you are looking for. For this reason, I added my tweezers, nail clippers and a nail filer to the very back of the drawer so I always know where they are and they don’t get in the way of anything.


I use the long skinny tray to store all of my makeup of brushes. They fit nicely and the length of the container is perfect for all different size brushes.I also added a blush into the container just because it fit well.


The smaller square shaped tray is great for holding eye liners, eye pencil sharpeners, mascaras, eyebrow powder, and individual eyeshadows. I prefer this tray for smaller products such as eyeliners because it keeps them from rolling around and getting lost in the back of the drawer.


 I wandered over to my friend Chasity’s room to see how she organizes her makeup. Chasity absolutely loves makeup and has every single palette you can imagine so I couldn’t wait to see where she stores everything.

Over her bed, Chasity has a “Dorm Space Saver” that she got at Bed Bath & Beyond. On the top shelf of the space saver, she stores all of her make up products!


Now, onto the larger makeup storage I was talking about! For larger makeup products, Chasity uses this organizer which she found at HomeGoods. It works great for holding, perfumes, blush, foundation, and large palettes. It has three different sections which helps to keep things from sliding around the container and it also has an adorable quote on the front. This container could also be placed on your desk, on a closet shelf (if your’e lucky enough to have a closet in college) or even on top of a dresser.


Last but not least, Chasity keeps all of her makeup brushes in this container that she got at the Dollar Store for just $1!


Thanks for reading I hope you learned some valuable tips!


Hello and Welcome to Tidy Up, my College Organization Blog! I’m Gabby, a college freshman majoring in communications and am also a member of my school’s Divison One Rowing team. I love organization, have a Pinterest addiction, and absolutely love dogs!

After a month of being in college, I learned quickly how important it is to stay organized. After the first week, I had clothes messily thrown into drawers, missing pairs of shoes and a stack of syllabi on my desk. I had no idea where to begin. With some planning, I was able to move things around and figure out the best way to make my dorm room functional and I created a system to make sure all of my school books and papers had a home. I created this blog in hopes of helping other overwhelmed college students learn how to best keep their dorm and school life organized.

Being that I am new to using WordPress, it will take a bit to get the blog up and running, but not to worry I will have my first official post up by next week! Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave comments!